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Renee Owen and Rainbow Community Schools: Holistic Education

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As executive director of Rainbow Community School (RCS), Renee Owen has witnessed the miracle of an education that embeds holistic practices in children’s daily lives – something RCS has been doing throughout its rich 40-year history. Rainbow Community School, in Asheville, NC, was founded by international leaders in the Sufi movement who were educational and child development experts, with the belief that an education based on love lays a foundation for thriving humans and a healthy world.  Renee is also co-founder and CEO of Rainbow Institute, the new holistic adult education organization dedicated to training teachers, parents, and professionals on how to include mindfulness and other secular spiritual practices into their classrooms, workplaces, and lives.  She is a doctoral candidate at Columbia University Teachers College, and her research is on secular spirituality in education and spiritual development from childhood through adulthood.  Renee’s MA is in educational leadership from the University of Colorado, and she holds a BFA from the University of Michigan. She gained an executive certificate in non-profit management from Duke University, and she completed the 2013 Future of Learning program through Harvard Graduate School of Education.

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