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5 Things You Can Do To Start Empathy Today

Getting to a world where every child masters empathy is no easy task. It’s going to take all of us, challenging the status quo and working together to spark a new conversation about our priorities. It might mean re-thinking how we parent, how we teach in our schools, and even how we define success.  The good news? You can take the first step today, by committing to any or all of the actions below. Will you join us?


SHARE a book or movie that helped you step into someone else's shoes. Stories and storytelling builds empathy. Post your favorite empathy-building stories on our facebook page for a chance to get into our top 10 list.

LAUNCH your own initiative to stop bullying and start empathy.  We've teamed up with the people who made the movie Bully to give you the tools you need to turn your ideas into reality. 

BROWSE for your favorite school or organization cultivating empathy.  We're giving away $110K as part of a competition we're hosting with Ashoka's changemakers and announced the winnter June 13th.  Check out the finalists and other entrants for a taste of what's happening in the world of empathy education.

JOIN our community and recruit your friends. Like us on Facebook, tweet about #startempathy, and help us make the case for empathy today.

NOMINATE an empathy school. Do you know of a school – public or private – that has embedded a culture of empathy in its curriculum and its students? Let us know! Or, want to make a difference in your school? Consider writing a letter to the principal.