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How Robert Gupta Brings Empathy to L.A.'s Poorest Communities with Music

Watch this Philharmonic violinist explain how music inspires hope and connection in some of L.A.'s most ostracized communities.

By Start Empathy

July 12, 2012

For Robert Gupta, violinist with the Los Angeles Philharmonic, music is far more than a job -- it's a way to help people. Interestingly,  the people that his music helps are not limited to those filling the seats of the Walt Disney Concert Hall where the Philharmonic plays. His music also helps those less than ten blocks away on Skid Row, home to the largest gathering of homeless people in the country. And since he co-founded the nonprofit Street Symphony in 2011, he and other musicians have come together to play classical music for the homeless and mentally ill in L.A.'s poorest communities.

Why? As he tells GOOD,

"What my capability is -- as a musician,  as a violinist that it's much more than aestetic beauty or entertainment, it's a capability to communicate something that goes much deeper than words [...] Briging music to these communities is one of the valuable things I can do as a citizen and as a musicians. Through these performances, the music is a communication, that communicates something of beauty and hope, and potentially even redemption to our most forgotten and ostracized communities."  


Image from Street Symphony.