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What Works: A Road Map for Unleashing Empathy in Schools

By Start Empathy

March 19, 2013

Over the last several months, those of us at Start Empathy – along with a core group of Ashoka Fellows, leading educators and partners – have worked to identify, distill, and categorize dozens of promising empathy building insights and activities. In short, we’ve been asking people: “What works?”

What we’ve received ranges from simple tips to group problem solving exercises to teacher training guides, and they all help advance our central goal: unleashing empathy as both an input and output of our education system.

Now we’ve compiled them into our “here’s stuff that works” guide (FREE PDF DOWNLOAD HERE), which we’re calling the Empathy Road Map. It’s by no means a comprehensive picture but rather a strong first step. It’s meant to be a living document – one that our community helps us enhance and refine over time.

The Road Map serves two functions to start: First, to illuminate the broader landscape of work being done in this area so we can see how the component parts fit into a full picture, much like a mosaic. We hope this will give educators a new perspective on what they’re already doing and also encourage them to go further and integrate more of these practices into their schools and classrooms.

Second, the Road Map is a framework from which to pull specific tips and strategies for educators (and parents) who understand the importance of empathy but who may not know where to get started. Over the next several months, we’ll be sharing tips like the one below to equip others to join a movement well under way.

And of course, we’ll be asking for you to share with us as well! So please email us ([email protected]) to tell us what you’re doing and why it works!