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Maury Elementary School

Laura Hay |

Maury Elementary has a number of programs that cultivate empathy, teamwork, leadership, and initiative in students. Maury Elementary is a Responsive Classroom school and has a Girls on the Run chapter, as well as an equivalent running club that the boys took the initiative to create. There is also a “Think Tank” teacher who uses inquiry-based learning with all students at the school to launch initiatives to improve the school community. For example, during the 2011-2012 school year, students were getting injured, growing bored, and generally not having fun at the blacktop during recess. So the Think Tank teacher designed a questionnaire and gave students the opportunity to design their own playground. The students’ ideas were on display in the hallway, allowing the whole school to view the designs and vote on their favorite. Then a landscape architect developed a plan based on the most popular ideas. This effort also motivated the PTA to hire a recess coordinator to help students get their materials organized, learn new games, and resolve conflicts.

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