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Social and Emotional Learning in Proposed Federal Legislation: A Legacy of a Mother of a Newtown Shooting Victim

Laura Hay |

We all remember the horrific massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School where twenty first-graders and six educators were shot and killed in 2012 by 20-year-old Adam Lanza who had a history of emotional problems. Mother of 6-year-old Jesse Lewis (one of the victims) said, “Since almost the beginning I had an intuitive awareness that had the shooter in our case had access to social and emotional learning this tragedy would not have happened.”

The legislation proposes federal funding to train teachers to have the proper tools to teach empathy in their classrooms – a huge step towards bettering the well-being of children across the country, and a significant positive conversation stemming from such a horrific tragedy. Read more about reducing violence in schools and the role that empathy plays in it.

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