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Impact Report from CREC and Cromwell School Districts

Impact of Changemaking on Connecticut Educators and Students

Laura Hay |

Photo: Jennifer Miller, Confident Parents, Confident Kids

“The Buddy Bench”

“There are a lot of kids who aren’t able to make friends, so it provides a way to make friends easier. A buddy bench is a safe place to go when they have no one to play with at recess, so two kids can sit down on a bench and then go play. That way no one gets left out. When I was younger I didn’t have many friends. If kids are shy it’s a very good way to start friendships.”

– Youth Changemakers

The Buddy Bench is just one example of the amazing project’s young changemakers are producing. The bench addresses difficulties kids face in elementary school making friends, and they are bringing benches to their elementary schools so that upcoming children can avoid the loneliness they previously struggled with. At the presentation, the kids casually mentioned that Loews had given them a grant of $2000 to fund all of the bench materials- no small feat for 12 year olds.

Check out our one year survey of 40 educators in CREC and Cromwell, Connecticut school districts. Click to download our report.



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