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GreatKids Emotional Toolbox

Children who develop emotional intelligence skills are kinder, happier, healthier and more successful.

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GreatKids Emotional Toolbox, started by Ashoka Fellow Bill Jackson, is the nation’s leading online guide to information about schools and learning. It engages millions of parents in their children’s education – at home and at school – and creates a more competitive dynamic among today’s schools.

*The Emotional toolbox includes resources for:

  • Parenting Challenges including sibling rivalry, bullying, keeping cool, respect, discipline, making friends, competition, homework, screen time, time management.
  • Building character including resilience, gratitude, independence, confidence, curiosity, empathy, kindness, honesty

*Do you feel me? Welcome to our feeling words game! Here’s how to play:

Each of these kids has a story to tell about a time they felt something deeply. Watch these videos with your child and see if you can guess which emotions they’re describing.

*Through a child’s eyes video series.

*Tools for Families 

It’s no secret: family life can be tough! If you’ve ever wished you could transform your family’s interactions to create more cooperation and understanding, these tools are worth a try. They will help your family resolve conflicts, foster positive relationships, and build your children’s emotional intelligence.


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