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Little Loving Hands

Re-imagining crafts for kids.

Laura Hay |

“It’s not our job to toughen our kids to face a cruel and heartless world, it’s our job to raise kind kids to make the world a little less cruel and heartless” – L.R. Knost


Are you looking follh5r a way to have children involved early in learning about empathy? Little Loving Hands is a new and exciting monthly subscription service that provides kids crafts for a cause. Their mission is to provide a fun and educational method for parents and caretakers to engage children in learning about the importance of being kind and giving back to others. Each month, a different charity is spotlighted and a kit is sent with all the materials needed to create a craft that is then donated back to the organization to be handed out to those in need. Within each kit, there are also a number of age appropriate items  documents and items that reinforce who, how and why they are helping.


More information can be found on their site at and they’ve produced a short video that shows how the service works:


llh2Little Loving Hands re-imagines monthly craft kits for kids in the most amazing way. What a wonderful way to introduce philanthropy to kids who may even be too young to spell the word!


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