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PLAYbook Curriculum

Laura Hay |

Ashoka Fellow Dr. Terrie Rose is bridging the gap between evidence-based research and the real world by bringing the child’s point of view and child-focused curriculum to educators and health providers. She is transforming childcare centers in low-income neighborhoods into creative learning environments that promote the healthy development of our most vulnerable babies, toddlers, and young children.

The PLAYbook Curriculum incorporates Dr. Rose’s expert knowledge of early childhood development to provide tools for early childhood care centers, health care providers and parents. Each kit provides curriculum for the school year and includes take-home and parent activities.

PLAYbook infant and toddler curriculum provides everything teachers and directors need for a successful and high-quality full-year, full-day program. Lesson plans, developmentally appropriate activities, read-aloud books, and parent engagement activities are included with step-by-step instructions. PLAYbook organizes the day so that infants, toddlers and teachers are actively engaged in relationships, learning, and emotional regulation. PLAYbook provides what you need to take your classroom and center to the next level.

Research tells us that classrooms that are emotionally supportive, well organized, and instructionally-attuned to children’s development stages promote and build school readiness. The PLAYbook curriculum creates successful strategies that carry into the child’s elementary school experience.

Teachers need to know how to provide infants and toddlers with the daily experiences necessary for lifelong success. In the busy lives of teachers, it is hard to find time for creative lesson planning, ideas to introduce new words, tracking outcomes and thoughtful parent engagement.

Based on the everyday experience of running a quality childcare center, PLAYbook provides everything teachers and directors need for a successful and high-quality full-year, full-day childcare program.

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