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“All too often in education, we are preparing children for “what’s next” instead of “what’s now”. Kids do not have to wait until they are adults to change the world around them, to make a big impact, to accomplish something great. They already have that power, today.” (Kristina Gillmeister, the STEM coordinator of Anne Arundel Public Schools)

In exploring how we can cultivate creativity, empathy, problem solving, and civic engagement skills in students to tackle “what’s now”, Youth Venture works with all factors of the education ecosystem – school districts, students, educators, and parents. Through collaborating with school districts to create strategic plans for system-level changes, working alongside educators to integrate changemaking into school curricula, and preparing parents and teachers to support youth initiatives, Youth Venture empowers students to grow into agents of change in their classrooms and communities.

At the heart of Youth Venture work lie the beliefs that changemaking is a journey, and that meaningful changes stem from co-creation. As such, we invite school districts, school leaders, educators, students, and parents to embark on a 10-month journey.

Check out this amazing report on our work in Hartford, Connecticut

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